East London Swimmers

East London Swimmers

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Book 2 from the series 'East London Photo Stories'. 

‘East London Swimmers’ by Madeleine Waller.  96pp hardcover,  quaterbound cloth spine, gold foiled,145 x 205mm

East London Swimmers comprises more than 50 colour photographs of swimmers dressed for normal life and in their swimming gear. The images, all taken at the London Fields Lido, are combined with telling personal quotes and together they reveal the secret life of Hackney swimmers who brave all conditions to escape city life. 

"I got into swimming after getting caught up in the tsunami in Thailand. I was on a family holiday when the wave came in and I managed to grab my son from his pram. When I returned home I had a fear of open water so I entered a race and my passion for swimming was born. Last year I swam from Spain to Morocco. Next I'm swimming from Robben Island to Cape Town"

Originally from Australia, Madeleine Waller is a photographer living and working in Hackney, East London.