Neisha Crosland flared espresso and saucer - bluebell cream

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Part of the Unlocking the Geffrye collection. 

Geffrye Museum ambassador, Neisha Crosland, has created this exclusive range to support the Geffrye Museums fundraising campaign which will see the museums galleries and facilities transformed. All proceeds from the sales of collection items go directly to support the Unlocking the Geffrye campaign. 

Neisha describes the collection, 

''Putting pattern onto small, curvy, convex shapes is very different to putting it onto wall, floor, scarf, curtains or furniture. It needs to be wrapped and melded in a seamless, balanced way, taking into consideration the patterns suitability for the shape.

Inspiration for the shapes was based on a set of fine and elegant espresso cups that I inherited from my great aunt, also late 19th century Russian Imperial porcelain and my many trips to Morocco. Whist I wanted the collection to have a well travelled, timeless, heirloom feel, I did not want it to be too precious and to only come out on best occasions. Instead I wanted a quirky, fun, more ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’ feel, but still elegant and able to be put into the dish washer!

The collection can be mixed and matched, the idea being that any colour saucer and pattern can go with any cup or mug. This gives it the fun, relaxed feel that I wanted.''